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Whisky Atelier

wants to keep the tradition alive
by bringing inspiration and innovation
to every enthusiast in the world.


For each story we decide to tell,
we personally select the casks in the distilleries,
supported by the best whisky masters.

We seek the right notes to give voice to a new
and refined symphony of flavours and aromas.

Capsule Collection

The Faces of Whisky
MyNameIsWhisky dedicates 7 limited edition bottles to 7 great Masters of the whisky universe.

The Signature

My Name Is Whisky selection of unique and inimitable whisky expressions.

Special Edition

A Christmas Special Edition,
A limited edition to celebrate the return to the light


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A new way of experiencing whisky 


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Finding the perfect cask is a real journey.


The Story of MNIW

The point of connection between
a centuries-old tradition
and a creative innovation


MNIW - The Book

My Name Is Whisky wants to give
a voice to each story behind
every single drop of whisky.

Whisky is made up of simple ingredients:
water, cereals, yeast, peat, and wood.

But what makes a bottle of this spirit
so valuable are the people, 
the time and the lands
that are intertwined into the distillation process.


Our Team

MNIW is the result of a blend
of people and their stories.

The richness of whisky
stands in its components:
every element perfectly
combines with each other
to create an unforgettable
symphony of scents
and emotions.

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