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About us

Our mission

wants to keep the tradition alive 
by bringing inspiration and innovation to every enthusiast in the world.

Our history

My Name Is Whisky, and I represent the point of connection between
a centuries-old tradition and a creative innovation.

We are constantly on a quest to find the most exquisite casks to bottle,
and our passion for whisky drove us to distillate its story as independent publishers.



MNIW was born during a cold night while the blackbirds were singing about spring. During that time, a glass of good whisky was the muse that inspired Simon Paul Murat to conceive this idea.



It took years to make a simple idea come true. Finally, with a good deal of devotion and perseverance, our first project came into being: in 2017 we published our first volume – My name is Whisky. A sky full of stars – a book of more than four hundred pages in which we have enclosed the true essence of whisky. Our purpose was to create something unique, something that would narrate the enthusiasm, the secrets, and the values of the men that have partaken into the whisky’s tradition and continue to carry it forward today.



But that was only the beginning of our journey. While we were working on our first project, offering consultancy and intermediary service for private collectors, we were spending days and nights researching how to create an exclusive bottling to pay homage to a great man: Giorgio D’Ambrosio, the Maestro of whisky in Italy whose fame reaches the four corners of the world. After a long pursue, in 2019 we found the perfect cask, which embodied all the requirements we were looking for: a 22 year old sherry oak Mortlach Distillery cask, distilled in January 1997. A dark toned whisky with an earthy flavour and a final fruity bouquet: an experience more than a drink. Our Giorgio D’Ambrosio bottling debuted during the Milan Whisky Festival, surprising the Maestro himself.



In 2021, Francesca Murat, daughter of Simon, steps in bringing with her new visionary ideas: a new MyNameIsWhisky exclusive selection and a young voice that will narrate a new chapter of this story. It is the rebirth of whisky and the return to its true essence as art and alchemy.

Our values


Whisky is a ritual that can bring together people and strengthen companionship. MNIW aims to reunite the stories that are deeply intertwined with this spirit.


MNIW wants to encourage the regeneration of whisky’s concept, respecting its secular tradition with a note of modernity.


MNIW is driven by its love for whisky: a passion that is the true heart and soul of every project.


Whisky is Art and Art is whisky:
they both require time,
intuition and genius.


MNIW has a unique asset of expertise
gained through experience.
Knowledge is the key to transform
whisky’s culture into a new dynamic reality.


Every MNIW’s product has its unique story to be told, as in the authentic whisky’s tradition.


Innovating the world of whisky collaborating with other experts to transfigure this spirit
into a new reality

Meet our Team

The richness of whisky stands in its components:

every element perfectly combines with each other
to create an unforgettable symphony of scents and emotions.
Thus, MNIW is the result of a blend of people and their stories.

Who we are?

Francesca Murat

Co-founder & project manager

She is MNIW’s youngest voice.
Francesca, Simon’s daughter, was educated from an early age in the tradition of whisky, and grew up alongside the most prominent characters of whisky on the Italian scene.

A business major with a great passion for art, horse-riding, gastronomy and chess.

Her imaginative spirit has led MNIW to embark on new adventures.

Simon Paul Murat

Co-founder & project manager

Son of an artist, and an artist himself,
Simon grew up in the photo studio of his father.
For more than 35 years, he has worked as a photographer and art director.

A cuisine connoisseur with a love for travelling
and literature, his passion for whisky inspired him
to create My Name Is Whisky.

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