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All the Whisky Festival that you will attend during November 2022

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November 8, 2022

Whisky Shows and Events around the world 

Here comes another month with new whisky festivals and shows. November is indeed a particularly eventful month. And what better way to look forward to the Christmas season than to treat yourself to a ticket to one of these events? So here is the complete calendar of all the whisky festivals in November. All you have to do is send this article to your whisky buddy and decide together where to go!


Glasgow’s Whisky Festival 2022

When: November 12, 2022.
Where: Hampden Park, Scotland’s National Stadium, Glasgow, Scotland

Are you ready for another incredible edition of Glasgow’s Whisky Festival?

This event puts Glasgow on the whisky map with an emphasis on Glasgow’s closest distilleries and independent bottlers. But don’t worry, you will also find so much more! Indeed, the festival it’s not just about Glasgow, but it is a celebration of whisky from all of Scotland and the rest of the world.

glasgow whisky festival
Image from Glasgow’s Whisky Festival‘s website

The Whisky Affair

When: November 26,  2022
Where: The Great Hall, London Rd, England

Live music sets, whisky tastings, rare whiskies, guests and speakers…what else can you ask from a festival! The Whisky Affair is certainly one of the most fun events about whisky that you can attend in London. Here, you will certainly find the next bottle of your dream and meet other whisky enthusiasts that may become your future best whisky buddy!

​​York Whisky Festival

When: Saturday, 26th of November 2022
Where: Ebor Stand, York Racecourse, York, England

York Whisky Festival is another fantastic event organised by The Whisky Lounge. Here, you’ll get to sample the best whiskies from Scotland, as well as all corners of the globe, from India to Japan, from the USA to England… all the world of whisky will be here! All you have to do is to approach any of the exhibitors’ stands, ask politely for a dram and you shall receive a tasty glass of whisky. Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

Spirits in the Sky

When: November, 12 and 13, 2022
Where: The Nectar, Mijnwerkerslaan 3, 3550 Zolder, Belgium

Spirits In The Sky is the only festival in Belgium dedicated to the best spirits in the world. Here you not only will find your beloved whiskies, but also rum, cognac, grappa, calvados, mescal, tequila, cachaça… Well, let’s say that if there is a kind of spirit out there you wanted to try, you certainly will find it here. There are more than 70+ exhibitors, masterclasses, and tastings. All you have to do is have fun!

Whisky Show

When: November, 5 and 6, 2022
Where: Corinthia Hotel, Budapest, Hungary

This year Whisky Show of Budapest will be its eleventh edition. If you decide to visit this festival, you can taste more than 600 kinds of various quality whiskies and aged spirits (well, not all 600 of course. we wouldn’t recommend it). You will also have the opportunity to attend incredible masterclasses, and witness one of the most important whisky cocktails competition in Europe. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to snatch one of those cocktails…


Whisky Live Singapore

When: November, 19 and 20, 2022
Where: Andaz Hotel, Singapore

Whisky Live Singapore is the premiere event dedicated to whisky and spirits tasting in the APAC region, with many distilleries and brands unveiling their novelties for the upcoming year at the show. Here’s what you have to look forward to at this Eleventh Edition: A larger Whisky Hall, Rum Gallery, Spirits Avenue, Cocktail Terrace, and Free masterclasses.

Let me tell you. If you don’t already live in Singapore, and you have always wanted to visit this city, this may be your excuse to book that ticket! 


Whisky Washback

When: November 18, 2022
Where: The Schuyler · 1001 14th St NW, Washington

Whisky Washback wants to pay homage to the whisky originators and to the rebellious innovators that keep it alive today. As is to be expected, you will find a wide selection of whiskies, with over 75 types of premium Whiskey, Bourbon, Rye, and Scotch. In addition to your favourite brands, you can also discover numerous local spirits: there are always goodies waiting to surprise you!

whisky bottles
Image from Whisky Washback‘s website

Kansas City Whisky Expo

When: 5th of November 2022
Where: Harrah's Casino Hotel, Kansas City, Missouri

The Kansas City Whiskey Expo was founded on the idea that learning about whiskey can be seriously fun. Indeed, this event is a true celebration of whisky and all the people that share the same passion for this world.

At the Expo, you will meet master distillers and blenders, brand managers, and many other industry professionals from international distilleries who will share their knowledge about their products. It is also a great opportunity to taste small batches, blended, straight, aged, single malt, single grain, cask strength, finished, peated, bourbon, and rye whiskies… yes all of them! (again, please don’t take us literally). 

You know how people always say “there is a whisky out there for everyone”. Well, this is an opportunity to find your whisky soul mate! 

Whiskies of the World

When: November 19, 2022
Where: The Rainier Club, Seattle, Washington

The name of this festival already speaks for itself. Whiskies of the World has the longest list of exhibitors you have ever seen. You can taste top drams from around the globe, meet distilleries ambassadors and attend masterclasses. The key to the entire world of whisky is just a ticket away… 

whiskies of the world, whisky festival
Photo from Whiskies of the world’s website


New Brunswick Spirits Festival

When: November 15-19 2022
Where: Delta Hotels by Marriott Fredericton, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Canada’s oldest whisky (and spirits) festival is back! With a full 5-days of events, including dinners, master classes, and their Friday Showcase, New Brunswick Spirits Festival has all the ingredients to become your all-time favourite whisky event. You really shouldn’t miss it, if you are passing by!

In Conclusion

There! Now you have the calendar of all the whisky events for the month of November. Have you already decided where to go? Share the article, tag us, and let us know!

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*The cover photo of this article is from Whiskies of the World’s website

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