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A new way of experiencing whisky 


A Story of Legacy, Heritage, and Passion


What you should know about Italian bottlers and their iconic whiskies to collect.


All the whisky festivals on the calendar for the most wonderful time of the year!
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The Independent Whisky Bottlers that made History

The people behind the most iconic whisky expressions that have ever been sold.

Royal Lochnagar The Chemistry of Whisky

Royal Lochnagar: the distillery of Royalties

Everything you need to know about Royal Lochnagar and its whiskies’ production


All the Whisky Festival that you will attend during November 2022

Whisky Shows and Events around the world 


The Spirits of Scottish Distilleries

All the legends about goblins, ghouls and fairies roaming the distilleries in Scotland

mortlach The Chemistry of Whisky

Mortlach Distillery and its unique distillation process

Everything you need to know about Mortlach and its rich whisky


How to win your favourite bottle at the next online whisky auction

Tips and Hacks to bid successfully on online whisky auctions


A Journey into the Independent Bottlers World

The origins of independent bottlers and why you should buy whisky from them

brora Interview

A Tour of Brora Distillery

Everything you need to know about Brora and its whiskies.


Whisky Festivals and Show during October 2022

All the whisky events around the world scheduled for October. 

The Chemistry of Whisky

Visit Clynelish Distillery with MNIW Team

Every secret you need to know about Clynelish and its whiskies.

The Chemistry of Whisky

All the Colours of Whisky (Part 2)

How Wood and Casks types can influence the colour of a whisky.

The Chemistry of Whisky

All the Colours of Whisky (Part 1)

How Wood and Casks types can influence the colour of a whisky.

10 books about whisky Lifestyle

10 Books about Whisky you should have in your library

Great books where you can learn about whisky tradition and more


Summer and Whisky: all the Museums to visit during your vacation

8 Whisky museums and tour visits to book for Summer 2022


Who are the people that work inside a distillery?

All the professionals needed to keep the production of whisky flowing.

summer whisky Lifestyle

Whisky to enjoy during a hot summer day

A guide on how to choose your whisky dram for summer days without giving up a fresh touch.

Whisky dram Lifestyle

5 health benefits of drinking whisky

All the benefits a glass of whisky can have on our general wellbeing

tasting whisky Lifestyle

How to preserve an open bottle of whisky as long as possible

6 Tips on how to maintain your  whisky bottle once opened

Identifying whisky Whisky news

Nos.e: the New Device that can sniff out and identify Fake Whiskies

With a whiff, the Nos.e can identify the brand, region and style of whisky

distillation process Lifestyle

Whisky’s properties for homemade remedies

Whisky, or aqua vitae, as a magical and alchemical healing remedy to all the world’s ills throughout the centuries.


Whisky Trends 2022

All the things that whisky drinkers’ habits can tell us about the contemporary world.


6 types of Whisky Glasses that will upgrade your drinking game

How different types of whisky glass can enhance your drinking experience, and which glass you should choose to best enjoy your whisky.

whisky cask Whisky news

Scotch Whisky Brands that you should keep an eye on during 2022

Three labels that have renewed Scotch Whisky and are promising a future full of surprises.

blockchain Interview

Whisky and NFTs: Todd Wiesel’s tips on how to invest in 2022

Todd Wiesel, the Founder and CEO of Baxus, explain to us how NFTs are applied to the world of whisky and how to start investing in it.

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