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Our bottlings

Finding the perfect cask is a real journey.
Each bottling is the result of a vision,

as nothing is left to chance.

For each story we decide to tell, 
we personally select the casks in the distilleries, 
supported by the best whisky masters. 

We seek the right notes to give voice 
to a new and refined symphony 
of flavours and aromas.

Capsule Collection

The Faces of Whisky
MyNameIsWhisky dedicates 7 limited edition bottles to 7 great Masters of the whisky universe.

The whisky expressions are selected by MNIW to best represent a great chapter of the contemporary whisky world: a story that comes to life through a new sensory dimension.

The Signature

My Name Is Whisky selection of unique and inimitable whisky expressions.

Our Signature bottlings are the results of careful research. We draw on our years of experience to offer you exclusive and refined whiskies.


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