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Everything you need to know to start investing in Whisky: Part 2

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December 13, 2021

Some tips from the expert Pawel Morozowicz on how to build up your whisky collection

In the first part of this guide, we gave you some insights about the world of whisky investment, recommending you some fine whisky expressions, and sharing Giorgio D’Ambrosio’s expertise on how to start collecting whisky. 

We have some more tips for you, and this time we asked Pawel Morozowicz what to expect if you want to start investing.

A few warnings before starting your collection

Behold the fake ones!

Fake bottles are a real thing, and they are increasingly growing in number as the demand for rare bottles rises. The most common fakes are typically Macallan, thus, seeking a second opinion before buying a rare expression is always wise.

Can you tell why this bottle is a hoax? 

One of the most faked bottles is the Macallan Gran Reserva series.

The big giveaway is the quality of the print.

Store your bottles properly

If poorly stored, the quality of the whisky and its value will rapidly deteriorate. To keep the bottle pristine, you should follow two basic rules:

  •  As obvious as it may seem, never open a bottle under any circumstances. Otherwise, its value will diminish sensibly.
  • Store the bottle upright to avoid contact between the cork and the spirit inside. This will prevent any contamination. 

Good things come to those who wait

Once you have started to collect your whisky, be patient before selling them again on the market. The temptation of several investors ready to contact you for a newly purchased exclusive bottling should not cause you to rush. Precious expressions increase in value over time, so you should consider whisky as a long-term investment.  

Seek the advice of the wiser

However well-versed you may be in the world of whisky, it is always a smart choice to have a second opinion from someone you trust when it comes to investing in a bottle, especially if it is of a rare type That’s why we turned to the experts to find out what and how it is best to invest in when dealing with whisky.

Building a bottle collection, doing it slowly and smart, buying from renowned and trustworthy sellers and auctions would be the only way.

Pawel Morozowicz

A word from the expert: Pawel Morozowicz

We asked Pawel Morozowicz, the owner of Precious Liquors, to give us some tips on how to navigate the world of whisky auctions. Here are his answers to our questions.

Can you give us some advice on how to recognise fakes? 

This is not an easy question to reply briefly and specifically. The reason is, every case would be different. Sometimes recognising fakes is easy – just to look at the label quality and capsule would be enough, Some of the counterfeited bottles are actually real bottles with different content than the original ones, as these were “re-filled”. Some of the cases like this are just too perfect and it takes years of experience to tell the difference. There is also a wide group of perfectly forged whisky and rum bottles on the market, so to avoid unexpected problems and losses it is highly advised to buy your bottles from reputable traders, retailers and Auctions.

It is better to invest in whisky bottles or casks?

I am a big antagonist of cask investments for people from outside the industry as there are a lot of “grey and shady” areas, individuals and companies aiming at un-educated, wealthy people. If you’re passionate and wish to enjoy whisky as well as gain profit. Building a bottle collection, doing it slowly and smart, buying from renowned and trustworthy sellers and auctions would be the only way.

What are the bottles released this year that one should absolutely invest in?

Japanese are still on the rise, so any aged or limited editions from Japan, bought at reasonable prices would be a great acquisition. There are also great Scotches from the first tier like Macallan, Dalmore, Talisker and Springbank. We also had a number of independent whisky releases, still very reasonably priced. Surely as a “malternative” craft, Caribbean rums are leading the trend.

What must be avoided when investing?

Wide, mass editions. Overpriced bottles as well as bottles from unreliable, not verified sources. Avoid buying on social media if you don’t know the market, there are a lot of “hyenas” looking for easy prey.

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