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Giorgio D'Ambrosio

22 years-old sherry oak

A dark toned whisky
with an earthy flavour
and a final fruity bouquet:
an experience more than a drink.

Mortlach, 22 years-old sherry oak
ABV: 56,9%

Distilled: January 1997
Bottled: October 2019

Region: Speyside

Cask: Sherry – Single Cask strength
Cask number: 10090

Cask selected by S.P. Murat for My Name Is Whisky

The Bottle

“Giorgio D’Ambrosio” is a straightforward whisky, like the person whose name it bears. On the palate, it immediately debuts astringent, bordered by a woody flavour that turns towards a liqueur tone. The finale fades towards a hint of blood orange and strawberries. A whiskey that must be tasted slowly to be appreciated. 

221 bottles were produced and, according to the experts, they will surely be found in exclusive collections in the years to come.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Sherry brown
Aroma: sultanas, cognac, mint, dried apricots, hints of crushed pepper and new leather.
Flavour: jam, caramel, ginger, red fruits, nutmeg, bitter oranges and pepper
Finish: rather long, spicy, a little rough, pepper, bitter chocolate

Food Pairing:
Meat, Roast Lamb
Chocolate Cake
Camembert Cheese

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The story

MNIW dedicated its first bottling to the Master of Italian Whisky. Indeed, Giorgio D’Ambrosio was one of the pioneers who travelled throughout Scotland in the 1960s to rediscover the lost wonders and flavours of this country.

He introduced single malt into the Italian market, bringing fame to peated whisky. 

MNIW could not have chosen a better character to start its journey into the whiskey tradition. Giorgio’s story shows that the world of whisky is by no means locked, forever still and unchanging in the cellars of private collections, but rather alive and dynamic

The bottle was launched during the Milan Whisky Festival 2019 and earned the praise of the same Giorgio D’Ambrosio.



Giorgio D'Ambrosio

MNIW Capsule Collection “The Faces of Whisky”


Mark Watt

over 24 years-old

Our second limited edition
bottlings dedicated to a great
independent bottler colleague


MNIW - The Book

My Name Is Whisky wants to give
a voice to each story behind
every single drop of whisky.

Whisky is made up of simple ingredients:
water, cereals, yeast, peat, and wood.

But what makes a bottle of this spirit
so valuable are the people, 
the time and the lands
that are intertwined into the distillation process.


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