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Glen Grant 72 years old, the record-breaking whisky


March 4, 2022

The Holy Grail of Scotch Whisky is going to be released by Gordon & MacPhail after Chinese New Year.

Glen Grant 72 years old is everything whisky lovers could want. The independent bottler Gordon & MacPhail is going to release the final 50 bottles of the 290 produced after Chinese New Year. 

But why is this whisky so precious? (I’m not just referring to its market price).

“The chances for a whisky to reach this type of antiquity and hit this level of excellence is mind-blowing: it has to be one-in-a-million or more“.

Jim Murray

The One in a Million Whisky

We have already talked about some of the rarest expressions available on the market. However, the Glen Grant 72 years old tops them all in terms of age. Indeed, this 1948 expression ranks in the Top#5 Oldest Whiskies globally. As if that was not enough to make this spirit extremely fascinating, the Glen Grant 72 years old has also earned an outstanding score of 97.5/100 in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2022, thus becoming the highest rating whisky ever to appear in it.

According to Murray “This whisky has had 72 years for something to go wrong with it. Instead, we have the near-miraculous situation of a whisky sitting for 72 years in oak and everything going right with it. The chances for a whisky to reach this type of antiquity and hit this level of excellence is mind-blowing: it has to be one-in-a-million or more“.

200 bottles of Glen Grant 72yr old were already sold. The price for this rare expression is expected to reach £100,000 per bottle once it will hit the secondary market.

“We knew from day one that we had picked a great whisky. Leading the team of experts choosing the cask, Charles MacLean could not have been more fulsome in its praise, so we are especially grateful to our friends at Gordon & MacPhail, the expert creators and custodians of this special cask all these years. It only remained for us to give it the Premier Whisky star treatment commensurate with its quality and prestige—and of course, its inherent value” says Bob McNab, managing director of Premier Whisky, the production specialist of this whisky.

Naturally, one could expect nothing but success from the collaboration of Whisky Premier and Gordon & MacPhail.

About Gordon & MacPhail 

This is not the first time that Gordon & MacPhail can proudly claim to have released one of the most sought-after whiskies. In fact, this independent label, founded in 1895, is the keeper of the most extensive collection of rare single malt casks in Scotland. A bank that treasures the world’s most valuable amber liquid!

Currently, Gordon & MacPhail is the releaser of the oldest single malt whisky in the existence: a 1940 Glenlivet bottled at 80 years old.

194 Glenlivet

About Premier Whisky 

With its headquarters in the Central District of Hong Kong, Premier Whisky has long-established relationships with the scotch whisky industry. Premier Whisky is the founder of modern-day whisky investment in Asia and a pioneer of premium single malt releases in the world.

What about Glen Grant 72 Years Old?

Glen Grant 72 years old was produced by Glen Grant distillery in 1948, matured in ex-Sherry cask, and finally bottled at 56.2% ABV.

This Speyside Scotch Whisky is further enriched by the luxurious bottle: a Dartington Crystal decanter made by using traditional glass-blowing techniques. The design is inspired by the tree’s annual growth rings, and it represents the age of the cask. The 290 decanters come sheltered in an American black walnut box.

Glen Grant 72 years old

The Final Allocation

From a production run of 290, the last 50 bottles will be made available after Chinese New Year (Feb 1-3) at £50,000 per bottle. It goes without saying that the Glen Glivet 72 years old is a must for those connoisseurs and investors looking to expand their collection. 

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