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Horizon Nightfall

The Horizon widens for MNIW.
Horizon Nightfall is the second limited-edition bottling
of a series of three that launches our
The Signature selection..

“Nightfall, when words fade and things come alive.”

Distillery: Ardbeg
Region: Islay
Distilled: 1996
Bottled: 2021
Cask: Double Cask, Ex-Bourbon and Sherry Cask
Abv: 54%

The Horizon Collection celebrates the Craft and Art of Whisky 
Indulge in the night’s embrace.
A journey within the self. A dream that breaks through the limits of reality.
A deep breath before expanding one’s Horizons.


The history

Ardbeg distillery was officially founded in 1815 by John McDougall. However, the first drop of whisky was produced long before this date, back in 1794. Like many Scottish distilleries, the whisky produced was mainly used for blends. After two wars, several periods of instability, closures and reopenings, today Ardbeg has become the most beloved distillery for those who can appreciate Islay’s most peaty Scotch whisky.

It is the highly aromatic character that makes Ardbeg’s whisky unique. Thus, spices gently combine with sweet notes, finally merging with the sharp earthy flavour of peat to create an unforgettable spirit.

Behind the Bottle

Horizon Nightfall is the second limited-edition bottling of the Horizon collection. It represents a  suspended moment, midway between dream and reality. It is a period of calm and recovery before dawn breaks, bringing with it the challenges of the next day. But the time has not yet come. Everything feels peaceful, dwelling in the sweet illusion of the night that expands its hours, making them endless.

Feel the Night

MNIW carefully tailors every detail of the packaging to ensure an unforgettable experience through each and every sense. For this reason, Horizon Nightfall arrives wrapped in a jacquard pouch and stored in a fine wooden case, both designed and manufactured in Italy.


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