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How to preserve an open bottle of whisky as long as possible

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May 27, 2022

6 Tips on how to maintain your  whisky bottle once opened

You finally decided to open that expensive bottle of whisky that you invested in and taste a dram. Wow. It is indeed worth it, as your fellow whisky fans suggested. But now? How do you store the bottle in the best possible way so that you can enjoy this delicious expression at leisure? Here are some tips on how to preserve an open bottle of whisky for as long as possible.

  1. When does Whisky expire?
  2. Whisky is always Right
  3. Keep the cork moist
  4. Storage your bottle in a dark place
  5. Keep it Cool
  6. No Air

When does Whisky expire?

Virtually, there is no expiration date for whisky.

Spirits can’t make you sick like milk and can’t turn into vinegar like wine. However, a bottle of whiskey cannot last forever (if only!). Once opened, whisky is exposed to light, air, oxygen and temperature fluctuations that begin to change its taste. Hence, to avoid drinking some strange-tasting whisky with altered fragrance and flavour, you should empty your bottle within one or two years.

What if you want it to last longer and drink it only for special occasions?

Well, actually an open bottle of whisky can last up to five years. You just have to make sure to follow some simple recommendations.

Whisky a dram of whisky is always the right choice, here we mean keep your bottle Upright.

While wine should remain in contact with the cork to prevent it from drying out, spirits should never! Indeed, the cork can slowly deteriorate if in constant contact with the whisky due to its high percentage of alcohol. If you don’t want to drink a whisky that is strangely corky, avoid this practice.

Keep the cork moist

I know, we just said to keep the bottle upright to avoid the liquid being in contact with the cork. However, you should also keep it moist.

No, we are not talking crazy here.

Once or twice a year, turn the bottle so that the liquid comes into contact with the cap. This will prevent the cork from crumbling as you try to reopen the bottle.

Storage your bottle in a dark place

There is a reason why the glass of most whisky bottles on the market is dark. It is to limit contact with the light. Direct sunlight affects the temperature, which may destabilise the spirit and alter its flavours.

I know. those open-shelf whiskey displays are pretty neat. But bottles will keep better if stored behind a cabinet door.

Keep it Cool

As mentioned earlier, temperature swings spoil the flavours of the whisky. Bottles should be stored in a cool space with a stable, non-extreme temperature. Basements or even the lowest shelf of your pantry can be great places to store your whisky.

No Air

Limits oxygen. Yes, that’s mandatory. If you want to store a bottle for a long time, consider investing in a vacuum sealer, the type used by bars and restaurants to keep open wine bottles fresher and longer. 

However, If you’re in the mood to try out some geeky whisky products, there’s always Private Preserve. It’s a mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon. All you have to do is to spray it into the bottle, put the cork back in, and the mixture will form a protective layer between the whiskey and the oxygen. 

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