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Mark Watt

over 24 years-old

Our second limited edition
bottlings dedicated to a great
independent bottler colleague

Glenrothes, over 24 years-old Fino sherry oak
ABV: 52,9%

Distilled: October 1996
Bottled: November 2020
Region: Speyside

Cask: Fino Sherry

Cask selected by My Name Is Whisky

The Bottle

MNIW choose to dedicate the second bottling for the capsule collection ‘The Faces of Whisky” to Mark Watt, a great independent bottler colleague who passionately devoted 23 years of his life to the world of Scotch.

This limited-edition whisky was made with integrity, authenticity and expertise, like all Glenrothes ones. A perfect match to tell the story of Mark Watt, whose enthusiasm led him, together with his partner and wife Kate, to create his own independent bottler label: Watt Whisky. The sherry seasoned casks used to age this whisky ensure a unique balanced depth of flavour and a natural amber hue: an experience to be enjoyed with every sense.


4th August 2021


The Story

Mark Watt started his journey into the whisky industry at 18 years old, by associating with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and Royal Mile Whiskies. Later, he became a member of the Sales Team at Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky, before being appointed Director of Sales at William Cadenhead Ltd.

In 2020 Mark Watt, together with his wife Kate, after an incredibly successful Crowdfunder campaign, set up his own whisky business founding Campbeltown Whisky Company, and the independent bottling label Watt Whisky.

Mark is committed to offering high-quality whiskies at fair prices. Indeed, at the basis of every cask selected, there is careful research: each whisky must have the distinctive characteristics of its distillery of origin, ensuring a memorable tasting experience. Mark Watt sees whisky as a journey through the senses, from the perception of colour to the scent of aromatic notes. Every drop savoured is a unique and unrepeatable discovery and, like the best experiences of our lives, one to be shared in the company of our closest friends.


Mark Watt

MNIW Capsule Collection “The Faces of Whisky”


Giorgio D'Ambrosio

22 years-old sherry oak

A dark toned whisky
with an earthy flavour
and a final fruity bouquet:
an experience more than a drink.


MNIW - The Book

My Name Is Whisky wants to give
a voice to each story behind
every single drop of whisky.

Whisky is made up of simple ingredients:
water, cereals, yeast, peat, and wood.

But what makes a bottle of this spirit
so valuable are the people, 
the time and the lands
that are intertwined into the distillation process.


The Story of MNIW

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a centuries-old tradition
and a creative innovation

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