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Beyond the veil of the unknown


Be still and sense the world’s breathing,
feel the air’s unwavering warmth,
the wind blowing from the far-off seas,
lifting the veil that separates you from reality

Distillery: Springbank
Region: Campbeltown, Scotland
Distilled: 1999
Bottled: 2022
Age: 23 years old 
Cask: bourbon first fill
Abv: 53,2%

Springbank Distillery has been part of the Mitchell family and its ancestors since 1837. The Mitchells have steered the fate and prosperity of this distillery, but surprisingly, very little is known about the single individuals that contributed to building an important piece of the Scotch Whisky tradition. Through time, the names of brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers merged together, forming a formidable entity that upheld the prosperity of the distillery, even during its most challenging moments.

The journey began in 1828 when the founder William Reid, who, through marriage, shared a connection with the Mitchells, took out the license. However, like many who transitioned from smuggling to legitimate trade, Reid's time in the industry was short-lived. In 1837, he sold the distillery to his in-laws, John and William Mitchell. The latter left in 1872 to join his other brothers at Riechlachan. Hence, John's son, Alexander, joined Springbank. It was the beginning of a new legacy: the J&A Mitchell company.

The 19th and early 20th centuries marked a prosperous era for Campbeltown, which emerged as Scotland's whisky capital. Facilitated by fast sea crossings to Glasgow and the nearby coal seam in Machrihanish, the region witnessed the operation of 35 distilleries. Unfortunately, the distilling trade faced a severe setback in the 1920s, also impacting Campbeltown. Even Springbank shut down in 1926, due to the effect of Prohibition, only to reopen again in 1933. And By the 1960s, only Springbank, and Glen Scotia were still standing.

Springbank itself was not impervious to the challenges inherent in the whisky trade. The distillery was mothballed from 1979 to 1987. Upon reopening, owner Hedley Wright, John Mitchell's great-great grandson, made a pivotal decision to cease selling to blenders and focus on developing single malt sales.

The Mitchell family is a captivating example of how a shared passion for whisky can unite and sustain multiple generations. Their remarkable dedication has allowed us to savour the exquisite Springbank whisky we enjoy today. Amidst a time when distilleries across Scotland faced closure, the Mitchells' unwavering efforts ensured that Springbank remained one of the precious few that kept its doors open. As Campbeltown transitioned from being a thriving whisky capital to having only three distilleries, Springbank stood strong as a resilient survivor.

Despite the undeniable skill exhibited by generations of fathers, mothers, children, and grandchildren, very little is known about their individual stories. One intriguing figure is Mary Mitchell, a trailblazing woman who defied convention by establishing her own distillery, Drumore, in the 19th century. Mary embarked on this venture in 1834 to meet the soaring demand for whisky from Campbeltown. Regrettably, Drumore became a casualty of Scotland's whisky crisis and closed its doors a few years later in 1837. Subsequently, Mary's whereabouts and fate remain a mystery, lost to the annals of time.

While Springbank continued to prosper, the intricate narratives surrounding the men who contributed to its success remain elusive. The Mitchell family's guidance and stewardship have been instrumental in Springbank's fortunes. Nevertheless, their captivating story will forever be shrouded in a veil of mystery.

Our exploration beyond the realm of whisky continues, delving deeper into the essence of this beloved spirit. This second chapter of our collection is inspired by the concept of the Maya’s veil, and it serves as a reminder that whisky tradition is shaped by the unwavering passion of individuals, passed down through generations.

While our individual actions may grant us a fleeting sense of immortality, we must acknowledge that it is an illusion born from our ego, which limits our perception and confines us to a narrow view of life. To lift the veil of Maya is to comprehend the intricate interplay of creation, connection, and unity; it is to liberate ourselves from the illusions of the ego. In leaving our mark upon the world, we contribute but a humble fragment to the grand puzzle that encompasses a much larger reality.

Springbank, the enigmatic distillery, stands as a testament to this truth. While we possess scant knowledge about its founders and the individuals within the Mitchell family, their collective efforts have bestowed immortality upon the distillery. Here lies the revelation beyond the veil: everything we do to leave an indelible impression upon this world is merely a minuscule fragment of a vast and interconnected whole.

The packaging of the Beyond collection is the same for all bottles, ensuring a consistent sensory experience.

Inside the package, the bottle is enclosed in a hand-crafted wooden box made by talented artisans in Italy. To authenticate its genuineness, the bottle is accompanied by a certificate.

Just like the first bottle in the collection, a booklet is also included, capturing the story of the bottle, its whisky, and the originating distillery.


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