My Name is Whisky – Single Malt Scotch Whisky Vol 1- English



While visiting a Scottish Single Malt distillery, one of the recurrent sentence is “the whisky is made only with water, malted barley and yeast”.
We can go neither against this sentence or against the strict regulations of production, but there are other ingredients that are not introduced in the “receipt”, in the production process or in the regulations but that for me have the same importance: people, time and the territory, the so called, terroir.
What we are trying to do in this book, is to try to make visible and tangible those ingredients, that interact with each other.
These facts are shown mainly through the people, custodians of the time, of the traditions and of the territory. People vehicles experiences, innovations, traditions and the witnesses of the past that, for collectors, are the old bottles.
A collectable bottle is a wonderful object and it keeps its value, no matter who owns it.
On the other hand, the same bottle becomes a totally different object, if it comes together with its story; of how it came from a different place and has gone through different steps and hands until it lands in the actual property.
The whisky, and the Scotch Whisky even more, it’s an evocative spirit, brings emotions.
Without its history of people and lands, it would be a product just like many others. But it’s not. In the words and portraits of different whisky people, with different profles, we tried to bring all the ingredients that are mixed together with the water, barley and yeast.


Authors: S. P. Murat, F. Petroni, D. Terziotti 

Editor: MBookInternational
Pages: 480
Size: 34×25 cm – Coffee table book
ISBN  979-122002388-7
Published: November 2017

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