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The Spirit of Community


In shared dreams, we find our strength,
Community’s tie beyond our life whole,
For in the tapestry of history, we are waving a tradition, bound by a vision, our communal mission.

Distillery: Highland Park
Region: Island, Scotland
Distilled: 1998
Bottled: 2023
Age: 25 years old
Cask: Refill Sherry
Strength: 52.7% vol.

The history of Highland Park Distillery is a tale woven with threads of mystery, rugged landscapes, and a relentless spirit that transcends time. Located on the remote islands of Orkney, Scotland, the distillery's story begins in a place where nature still reigns supreme.

Highland Park officially claims its founding year as 1798. However, its origins are shrouded in the lore. Some say that Magnus Eunson, a local church officer and illicit distiller, is the distillery's founder. Legend has it that Eunson concealed casks of his precious whisky beneath a church pulpit to evade the watchful eyes of the law. On the other hand, the official version, preferred by the distillery's owner, Edrington, attributes its establishment to farmer John Robertson. Nevertheless, it was only in 1826, nearly 30 years later, that Highland Park received an official licence to distil whisky, under the supervision of Robert Borwick.

The distillery's fate took a significant turn in 1937 when Highland Distillers assumed full control, eventually becoming part of the Edrington Group.

In the late 1970s, Highland Park made its debut as a single malt whisky, starting with an eight-year-old expression. Then, in the 1980s the brand introduced the 12- and 18-year-old expressions, which garnered a devoted following, almost gaining a cult status.

The third and final chapter of the Beyond collection unfolds in one of Scotland's most remote and captivating locations: the Orkney Islands.

Here, on this island where nature's forces are unwelcoming to humans, a tenacious community has weathered two world wars, economic difficulties, and isolation from the mainland. Amidst this backdrop, Highland Park has flourished and became famous for its exceptional whisky.

It is this spirit of community ingrained in Highland Park's history that has inspired us to feature this whisky as the final bottle of The Beyond Collection. Highland Park, where traditional whisky-making techniques have been faithfully upheld for over two centuries, embodies the essence of whisky culture and tradition, a symphony of voices spanning centuries, all contributing to its rich tapestry.

Omnia is the final chapter that serves as a celebration of the art of whisky and the people who contributed to it.

Omnia embodies the characteristics of Highland Park, complemented by refreshing fruity notes. Particularly, the whisky releases from the '90s are celebrated for achieving an ideal balance between the distinctive smoky peat and sweeter flavours.

This balance is evident in the peat: it doesn't dominate, but rather delicately intertwines with other flavours. Highland Park's peat, sourced directly from the Orkney Islands, is gentler compared to that from other Scottish regions. Primarily derived from heather, it possesses a softer character that seamlessly melds with the malt sweetness.

Omnia's complexity reveals itself through layers of flavour, shifting from smoky chocolate undertones to the tanginess of raspberries, and from the sweet, nutty essence of hazelnuts to a lingering finish characterized by robust woodiness and hints of cinnamon.
The influence of sherry casks imparts distinct orange accents and spicy nutmeg aromas, adding depth and richness to the whisky.

At Mynameiswhisky, we believe that the sensory experience of a fine whisky begins with its packaging. That's why we go the extra mile, ensuring every detail is just perfect before our bottles make their way to you.

Omnia is encased within a handcrafted wooden box made by Italian artisans. Upon opening, you will uncover a certificate attesting to the whisky's characteristics, accompanied by a booklet that will accompany you to discover the stories hidden behind the whisky and its making.

The bottle label’s concept was designed by Francesca Murat and illustrated by the artist Zeynep Ertunç. The illustration aims to highlight the sense of community within the whisky tradition, a spirit that this bottle wants to embody. Adding an extra touch of elegance, the typographic details on the label were crafted using the hot foil gold stamping technique.

Tasting Notes


Old sherry, Cocoa dusting, smoked chocolate, with a hint of fresh, slightly sour, fruitiness (raspberry ganache)



Teak oil, chocolate with caramel filling, roasted nuts and mint leaves, with a touch of rosemary and sweetened espresso. You can also sense tobacco leaves with light peaty notes, mixed with walnut wine, nutmeg and tea.



Long and persistent finish, with a hint of chocolate, cinnamon and wood.


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