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Scotch Whisky Brands that you should keep an eye on during 2022

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March 30, 2022

Three labels that have renewed Scotch Whisky and are promising a future full of surprises.

We all agree that there is nothing better than a glass of traditional Scotch Whisky. Or a bottle of traditional Scotch Whisky. It depends on whether you aim to enjoy the product with all your senses or to keep it like your precious. 

And yet, there is no doubt that we always strive for the new.

The reasons for this are many:

  • It is always fascinating to explore what kind of product brands have come up with to make people talk about them, 
  • How innovative that brand actually is,
  • We are curious and we get bored quickly.

This whole business of exploring new frontiers is certainly exciting. But sometimes you stumble upon deep disappointments. But here’s where MNIW rescues you from the time-consuming research. We bring you the 3 Scotch Whisky brands you absolutely must keep an eye on during 2022. We are sure to see some great things coming up very soon!


This particular whisky by Glenmorangie was released in 2021. But we are so excited by the concept of the product that we had to include it in this guide of the Scotch Whisky Brands to watch for 2022. Just in case you have missed it.

Glenmorangie, one of Highland’s best-loved single malt producers, is challenging the market and the way Scotch is consumed by creating X, a single malt specifically made for mixing.

With the guidance of the most skilled bartenders, the brand has created a rich expression with sweet flavours, perfect for mixing into cocktails and drinks.

Gelbmorangie X scotch whisky brand
X by Glenmorangie

But the Highland brand certainly did not stop there. Glenmorangie has opened a new, high-tech distillery: The Lighthouse. If you look at it from the outside, it resembles one of those super cool corporate buildings that you can find between one skyscraper and another in any major city in the world.

Partially powered by biogas, the brand has dedicated the building to experimenting with new profiles for Scotch production. The Lab is led by Dr Bill Lumsden and his team of creative assistants and includes a tasting room and a terrace. Definitely, a great environment to come up with original ideas!

The Lighthouse, Scotch Whisky Distillery
The Lighthouse


Good things come in small packages…right?

Wolfcraig, a new small distillery born in the heart of Scotland, is only at the beginning of its journey but has a bright future ahead of it.

The brand, led by four Quaich masters, aims to create a distillery model that carries on tradition through cutting-edge technology. Indeed, Wolfcraig will introduce pioneering blockchain technology throughout its whole supply chain. This method would ensure constant monitoring from barley to bottle, checking the quality of the process and ensuring top results every time.

Wolfcraig Distillery

They also have an interesting sustainability plan. Wolfcraig wants to produce their whisky in an environmentally friendly way, aware that long-term success now depends on preserving the surrounding nature. The plan? Create a completely carbon-free distillery.

In addition, the team promises to work closely with Zero Waste Scotland and their Circular Economy Team to ensure the proper recycling of all by-products.

Why are we talking in the future tense? Well, Wolfcraig is still a work in progress.

They are just starting to warm up. Wolfcraig is offering exclusive memberships to all those who want to support them. Those who sign up will get a range of benefits for the future. 

Why are we sure they will soon become a fascinating reality? The team is led by experts, starting with Richard Paterson, a third-generation Master Blender. 

And after all, one of their premium membership subscriptions is already sold out…


We know. It’s an easy win with Macallan. Who doesn’t keep an eye on the latest release from one of the most renowned Scotch Whiskies brands in the world?

They always come up with some must-have novelty. And it is really hard to surprise everyone every single time. And yet, they did it again. 

Macallan released their oldest single malt whisky. And we are talking about quite a few years ago. To be precise, it was distilled during the Second World War, just before all the Speyside distilleries were forced to shut their doors.

All in all, this whisky is a piece of history. A frozen moment from the past: The Reach.

The Reach is an 81 years old whisky expression distilled in 1940, and crafted from a single, sherry-seasoned oak cask. Only 288 decanters are available worldwide. The first bottle was auctioned for a record US$193,000 by Sotheby’s in Hong Kong. Definitely a unique and rare piece.

The Reach by Macallan, one of the scotch whisky brands to watch on 2022
The Reach by Macallan

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