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Horizon Sunrise Sample

Talisker 26 years old, Double Cask

Distilled: 1995
Bottled: 2021

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Horizon Sunrise is the third and final limited edition bottling of the Horizon collection.
It is a 25 years old Talisker expression, distilled in 1995 and bottled in 2021.

Distillery: Talisker
Region: Island, Skye
Distilled: 1995
Bottled: 2021
Cask: double cask. bourbon e oloroso sherry casks
Abv: 55.2%


Nose: Intense. Smokiness softened by sherry cask finish. Notes of vanilla, caramel, and a particular kick of star anise. Followed by citrus notes of lime and orange, nutmeg, honey, liquorice root. Saline note that mitigates the whole, making it balanced.

Palate: The high percentage of alcohol does not disturb at all, on the contrary, it gives it a great personality. on the palate, notes of yellow peach, sea salt, caramelised sugar, raisins, red apple, citrus marmalade and a touch of (light) peat emerge immediately, with unmistakable notes of pink pepper and spices. After airing the whisky for a while, you immediately perceive notes of cherry, vanilla, and brioche.

Finish: Long finish and engaging. Persistent notes of citrus marmalade, peat, malt, vanilla, marine, citrus, nutmeg, ginger biscuit, honey, slightly spicy.


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