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Whisky Festivals and Shows Calendar for March 2022

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March 4, 2022

All the Whisky Festivals and Events you must attend this coming month.

Another month, another Whisky Event to attend. With the warm season approaching, the world of whisky is preparing for some great events for all whisky lovers. MNIW can’t wait to hear about all the innovations that will be presented during this festival. But why just read about them when you can become a protagonist of these fun moments? So here we have found for you all the best whisky festivals and shows to attend during March 2022. All you have to do is decide which of them you’ll be joying.

For your convenience, we have broken down the events by country, so you can see at a glance which whisky shows you might find right on your doorstep.



Fife Whisky Festival 

When: March 4-6, 2022
Where: Corn Exchange, Cupar, Scotland
Fife Whisky Festival

Over 30 distilleries and independent bottlers from all over Scotland will showcase their products. Indeed, if you particularly enjoy Scotch Whisky, and love to explore what goodies the independent bottlers will come up with, this is an opportunity not to be missed! 

The Fife Whisky Festival, traditionally, opens with a whisky-themed dinner at Lindores Abbey Distillery in Newburgh.

The Festival continues with tasting sessions and Masterclasses. 

To purchase the tickets for this year’s event, you can visit their website. 


Whisky Birmingham

When: March 5, 2022
Where: Austin Court, Birmingham
birmingham festival

This year Whisky Birmingham will be the 9th edition of the City’s Flagship Whisky Festival.

All the major whisky brands will be presenting their products during the event. Moreover, independent bottlers and local experts will enrich the experience of this day, by hosting Masterclasses. And as with any great party, the local bars will contribute to the Festival by bringing music and street food. 

This place welcomes not only experts but also new enthusiasts of the king of spirits. Truly, a day that you will certainly remember in ages to come. 

You can buy the tickets on the Whisky Birgminham Festival website’s page.


Roma Whisky Festival 

When: March 5-6, 2022
Where: Rome, Salone delle Fontane
Roma Whisky Festival

What better time than to experience La Dolce Vita while tasting a new whisky sample?

Roma Whisky Festival finally returns after two years to celebrate its 10th edition in the elegant setting of the Salone delle Fontane. With its over 2,500 square metres, the beautiful set-up will hosts stands, themed areas, live talk areas, gourmet areas, masterclass and seminar rooms.

The Rome Whisky Festival brings together the best national and international whisky brands to promote the malt whisky culture through an approach that combines business, education and entertainment.

As usual, Roma Whisky Festival presents the “Whisky & Lode” award, which will award the best whiskies of the show. The three categories will be:

  • Best Scotch Whisky
  • Best Single Cask
  • Best World Whisky

We, at MNIW, are curious to find out which of the bottles will win these prestigious titles.

You can find out all about the dense events schedule and how to buy tickets on the website.

United States


2022 Whiskey Riots

When: March 5, 2022
Where: Fashion Industry Gallery, Dallas, TX

This month there will be a new edition of Whiskey Riots as there was in February. However, the location will be different: Dallas, Texas. 

On March 5, you’ll get the possibility to try over 200 whiskies, taste new creative whiskey cocktails and have a chat with the best master distillers.

The three keywords of The Riots Whiskey Festival is always the same: Taste, Meet and Learn. Indeed, what better occasion to sample new whiskies in the company of like-minded people?

You can find more information on how to purchase the ticket’s event on the website.


Sláinte: “A Celebration of Irish Whiskey”

When: March 17, 2022
Where: Bottom Lounge, Chicago, IL
slainte whisky festival

Sláinte is the Midwest’s premier Irish Whiskey festival that celebrates one of the most popular styles of whiskey in the world. Here, you can stumble upon new and innovative products of the modern whisky Industry.

What more can you find? Food, live music, and a high spirited environment where you can meet others with the same passion for Irish Whiskey.

You can purchase the tickets on the website.

It’s a Wrap!

To conclude, here is the summarised calendar of Whisky Festivals around the world that we could attend in March 2022:

All you have to do now is choose a date, buy a ticket and bring a friend with you! Share the article with your adventure companion, and choose together what will be your next Whisky Experience.

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