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Whisky to enjoy during a hot summer day

2022whisky | summer whisky

June 22, 2022

A guide on how to choose your whisky dram for summer days without giving up a fresh touch.

Here comes the sun! Summer is here, the temperatures have risen and…are you putting away the bottle of whisky? You don’t have to!

That’s right, there is no rule that requires us to save our whisky for the autumn and move on to other drinks during the summer. You can continue to drink whisky at ease. However, if you need some tips on what whisky is best suited to the warm season, here is a guide with some of our recommendations.

Tips on how to choose your summer whisky dram 

Let’s start with some general advice on how to choose your whisky for summer.

Light yet flavoursome.

In the season of scorching heat, we definitely need some lightness. Therefore, avoid heavily peated whiskies.

Instead, favour whiskies with ‘green’ aromas. In fact, all summer whiskies with notes of lime, citrus, green apple, pear, grape, lemon and kiwi are perfect. 

No corn-based whisky allowed

Corn-based distillates are on the heavy and sweet side. Two things that you maybe should avoid when there is 40 °C outside (for all our friends that are more accustomed to Fahrenheit, that would be 104°F).

On the rocks!

The secret to choosing a whisky to drink on the rocks?

The higher the ABV the better!

This way even if the ice cubes start to melt, it will take a while before they water down the flavours in your dram. In short, full flavours for longer! Enjoy it.

Summer Whisky Bottles

After these initial hints to help you navigate the world of summer whisky, here are a few bottles you should try for the hot season of 2022.

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley

This Single Malt from Islay has aged in oak barrels in the distillery’s coastal cellar, breathing in all the crisp Atlantic sea air. The iodinated notes are combined with an elegant bouquet of tangerine and lemon aromas, making it a cool whisky even on the sultriest summer nights.

​ X by Glenmorangie

We have already talked about this expression in the past. Certainly could not be missing from this selection! After all, this single malt was specifically designed for mixing. And what could be more summery than a cocktail by the sea? Of course, it is also great to enjoy neat.

Aged in oak barrels, the X by Glenmorangie smells of summer: honey and citrus, with a subtle whiff of pear and a hint of pepper at the end.

Macallan Double Cask 12 year

Fine, Macallans don’t usually shout ‘summer’. But we couldn’t help but include an expression from such a beloved distillery. Also because a whole season without being able to taste one of these can be a little sad.

The Macallan Double Cask 12 Year was released during the summer of 2016, and aged in European and American ex-sherry casks. The surprising citrus notes make it a perfect summer dram, with hints of spices and honey. 

The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old Single Malt Scotch whisky

This Speyside single malt is one of the natural choices for this list. This expression has long been known as one of the single malts with a smooth, well-balanced and fruity flavour profile. Notes of citrus, vanilla and apples make it a perfect whisky for summer.

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